Sacred Limpia Spray

Sacred Limpia Spray

Clear, Protect & Sweeten the Space
with ethically wildcrafted Palo Santo & Finest Bulgarian Rose

Mist your space & yourself to clear stagnant and unwanted energies and to support cleansing of body, mind and spirit with the great palo santo.

Palo santo is traditionally used by curanderos and shamans for sacred limpia (cleansing ceremonies). It brings lightness and freshness to you and your spaces such as home, office, yoga studio and healing spaces.

Our Palo Santo comes from sustainably wildcrafted wood that has fallen from trees and been allowed to dry.

Rose introduces sweetness and joy. 
Great for fatigue, headache, overwhelm and low mood.

*please be aware that palo santo is strong medicine and has a strong scent. this medicine is made and offered with reverence and respect for the tree herself and the traditions that brought her to us.

Distilled water, ethically sourced palo santo, organic bulgarian rose, organic foodgrade alcohol (3%).