Anoint aromatherapy oils
Anoint aromatherapy oils
Anoint aromatherapy oils


Anoint aromatherapy oils

We have two luxurious anointing oils available for you!

Apply these sensuous oils with the roller ball to your pulse points for lasting aromatherapeutic perfume. 

Night Queen is a night blooming jasmine blend - it is intoxicatingly sensual. 
Jasmine lovers - you will love the greener smell of night blooming jasmine!

Jasmine is sweet, cooling, and tridoshically balancing (it is great for all constiutions). When used therapeutically, such as during marma point therapy, the oil is said to be nourishing to the tissues and strengthening to the nervous system.

Neroli is known to assist with calming, stress and anxiety. Neroli is made from blossoms of the bitter orange. It has a light, soothing, uplifting scent. 
It is equally amazing for everyday use and for date night if you want a subtly sensuous scent.

David Crowe says of Neroli: 
"Neroli is a medicine the soul craves when besieged by stress, anxiety, worry, and depression. Like scented liquid sunlight, the yellow drops of citrus joy uplift the mind from gloomy moods, rescue the heart from realms of sadness and grief, and strengthen the spirit of those enduring unending hardships. Inhaling a few drops of neroli essential oil from the palms has a fortifying effect on the brain and nervous system, while simultaneously pacifying the irritation of sensory overstimulation. The effects of neroli on emotional wellbeing can be compared to the nourishing, soothing, and revitalizing effects of Mediterranean sunshine."

Anoint is made with pure essential oils in a base of jojoba and fractionated coconut oils. There are no preservatives or chemicals in these oils.

10ml in black infinity glass with roller ball. the infinity glass resists breakdown or oxidation of the contents.