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from dreamy drinking potions to power your day, to botanical skincare that makes your face and body glow - from the inside AND from the outside!


slow beauty

skincare, massage oils, eyes washes & skin beautifying potions


founder of mamayurveda, SUNNY ROSE HEALEY

I'm a forever student, practitioner and teacher of āyurvedic medicine. I've been helping women to transform their health, fertility, pregnancy and postpartum sacred window for more than a decade. 

Mamāyurveda Medicinals was born out of my desire to share the medicines I've been making for my clients, myself and my family in a way that:

1 - is Delicious and Accessible
2- is Organic and/or Wildcrafted & Beyond
3 - is Sustainable & uses fair trade practices
4- Delights your senses & causes big time enjoyment. 

Thank you for your interest in my work and in our products!