Mamāyurveda Medicinals was started by Āyurvedic Practitioner Sunny Rose Healey, as a way to offer simple daily tonics that support health to her clients.

While individualized medicine and custom formulas are important to Sunny and her work, she found that she could create tasty drink formulations that were good for most people and satisfied the desire for a morning ritual that tastes good and makes you feel good and ready for the day.

The sources for our raw ingredients are the foundation of the products we make. Every medicinal ingredient is either certified organic, wildcrafted or better (such as organic biodynamic & permaculture practices). We are confident in the providers of our raw ingredients because we only work with companies and growers that are transparent and use independent lab testing to ensure ingredient purity. 
That said, we are always looking for sources unknown to us, so that we may continue to provide the most vibrant, fresh, prāna rich, unadulterated products possible. 

If you are a grower or provider of raw medicinal ingredients, we'd love to hear from you!