Abhyanga Massage Oil
Abhyanga Massage Oil
Abhyanga Massage Oil
Abhyanga Massage Oil

Abhyanga Massage Oil

Each formula is a rich blend of at least a dozen medicinal herbs decocted and infused into organic base oils in the traditional way. 

Choose from Warming (& soothing) (Vata/Kapha) or Calming (& grounding) (Vata/Pitta).

*If you have allergies to multiple herbs and/or oils, we recommend using a simple single oil for your doshic type to avoid reactions, rather than one of these oils*

8 oz in cobalt glass bottle with pump 

How to do Abhyanga (self oil massage):

To prepare, place an older towel or rug on the floor.

1) Warm oil in a small pot over stove flame or by putting oil in a glass jar in bowl of hot water. Warm only the amount of oil needed for each treatment. Always test oil temperature before using! Warming the oil helps bring out the properties of the herbs. Although warming is recommended, the oil may be used without warming - simply rub the oil in your hands to warm.

2) Apply the oil to the entire body with gentle massage, long strokes on the arms and legs and circular strokes on the joint areas. Starting at the navel, apply clockwise in circular motion spiraling to the outer edge of stomach. Continue to circle counterclockwise on outer edge of stomach only. End by circling clockwise spiraling into the navel. Continue to massage the entire body, focusing on the joint areas.

3) If you have the time, it's best to leave the oil on for 10–30 minutes.

4) Take a hot shower or bath soak (without using soap) to rinse off oil and pat dry with an older towel. Hot shower, bath or steam bath opens the pores and allows the herbal oil to go deeper into the cells and tissues.

Before travel: To reduce travel fatigue, tension and to ensure restful sleep, apply the oil to the entire body and soak in the bathtub.

We recommend doing your abhyanga ritual at least 3 times weekly for best results. This practice will you keep you young, supple and feeling great when combined with an appropriate diet and good sleep.