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40 Days Postpartum Healing Kit
40 Days Postpartum Healing Kit

40 Days Postpartum Healing Kit

For healing during the first 40 days posptartum, and beyond!

*Please note - Seeds for Digestion must be fresh, so it is made to order when you order your kit. Please allow 5 days from the order date to leave time for prep before your kit can be shipped.

Includes the following healing medicinals:

  1. Panchakola Ghee - 7.5 fl oz in glass jar, approx 43 servings

  2. Deep Healing Tea - 7.5 oz by weight - 6 week supply in compostable pouch

  3. Mama & Baby Massage Oil - 2 x 8 fl oz in cobalt bottles (this is a 3 week supply and we suggest adding a little sunflower or sesame oil per your constitution to extend the supply)

  4. Seeds for Digestion - made fresh to order - in 9 oz cobalt glass jar

  5. Lactation Tea - 6 week supply in compostable pouch

  6. Ashwagandha for energy, relaxed nerves, sleep & more - powder in compostable pouch - 4.5 oz by weight, approx 45 servings

  7. Rose Gold Rejuvenation - 4.3 oz in cobalt glass jar - approx 40 servings

  8. A printable PDF copy of Sunny's Postpartum Guide: 40 Days for 40 Years: A Postpartum Guide & Cookbook