Trifecta Toner

Trifecta Toner

A firming, hydrating, plumping medicinal water and toner for all skin types.
Especially helpful for skin prone to inflammation, redness, blemishes.

This precious organic Bulgarian rose hydrosol is hydrating, naturally antiseptic, and cell rejuvenating and is a fantastic healer for the skin. Rose's intoxicating and aromatherapeutic scent has been shown to have antidepressant properties, and may help to relieve nervous tension.  

A powerful tree resin that has been in use by humans for around 5,000 years. In ancient times it was more precious than gold.
When used on the skin, it assists with healing and and premature aging. Its natural anti-inflammatory properties help to heal redness and blemishes. It also produces a tightening and pore minimizing effect due to its astringent properties. Frankincense may assist with lightening dark spots and preventing new wrinkles. 
Frankincense has a long history as an oil for anointing and it has a beautiful scent for meditation and ceremony work. Anoint yourself every day!

As a hydrosol, turmeric has an earthy grounding scent.
It is a supreme anti-inflammatory and skin brightener!


Mist skin all over immediately prior to applying serums and creams, to assist absorption.
Mist anytime during the day to hydrate and refresh skin.

Product description:
4 fluid ounces of organic hydrosols of rose, frankincense & turmeric in clear glass bottle with white fine mist pump

This product is pregnancy safe