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Cacao Desire Magic
Cacao Desire Magic
Cacao Desire Magic
Cacao Desire Magic
Cacao Desire Magic

Cacao Desire Magic


Just in time for love day, we've made a super special potion to ignite your energy, sexual desire and creativity!

- - Only 10 jars available, when they're gone, they're gone! - -

This potion combines our popular Cacao Mushroom Magic drink potion with our Desire Boost medicinal formula. Then we add the silkiest smoothest coconut meat powder, so that all you have to do is add water and froth it up for the tastiest, creamiest, most chocolatey love potion you've ever had!

Key ingredients:
organic Raw Cacao, organic coconut meat (adds the perfect creamy consistency), organic ashwagandha, organic gokshura (tribulus), organic mucuna, organic Rose petals, organic Shatavari, organic Maca, organic Damiana, organic Reishi, organic Corydalis, organic Chaga.
[see pic for full ingredient list]

No milk or sweetener needed, just add hot water, and whip it up with your frother, whisk or blender.

Serving size: 1 Tablespoon
Servings per jar: 10-11

How to prepare:
add 1 tablespoon to 6 oz hot water & whisk or froth. add directly to a smoothie if desired! to see best results, use 1-2x daily for at least 1 week – longer if desired.

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