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Medicinal Boost Set
Medicinal Boost Set


Medicinal Boost Set

Enjoy this set of 3 of our Medicinal Boosts at a generous discount! 

Our Boosts are Step 2 in our everyday balance for health plan, but can be used on their own as well!

Step 1 - Choose your Mamāyurveda Medicinals Potion (Rose Gold Rejuvenation, Chai Vitality, Dirty Dandy Focus or Cacao Mushroom Magic)
Step 2- Choose your Boost (Relax Boost, Desire Boost or Radiance Boost)

Relax Boost contains herbs to help you relax, unwind, rest and ultimately, sleep. 
We blend Ashvagandha, Passionflower, Kava, Jatamamsi, Brahmi & Atma Gupta to bring you the kind of chill that will wind you down but not make you drowsy. However, this winding down action is often what is most needed to support restful sleep!
This formula may be helpful for mild anxiety, restlessness, stress and feeling "tired and wired."

Desire Boost contains herbs to support creativity, juiciness and healthy libido.
We blend Ashvagandha, Gokshura, Atma Gupta, Moringa, Damiana, Shatavari & Rose to support your endocrine system, nervous system, hormones and sexual desire. 

Radiance Boost contains herbs to support clear and radiant skin via support to the liver and blood. 
We blend Anantamula, Turmeric, Manjistha, Moringa, Rose Petals & Fresh Water Pearl to calm, cool and nourish, resulting in healthy radiant skin.