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Breath Boost
Breath Boost
Breath Boost
Breath Boost

Breath Boost

Medicinal Mushroom Blend to support uptake of oxygen, healthy respiratory function, flow of prāna/qi, energy and total body immunity. 

How To:
We recommend adding 1/2 teaspoon to hot tea, warm water or one of our medicinal drink potions. Because these mushrooms are already activated for optimal bioavailablity, you can also add this formula directly to a smoothie without need of heating/cooking.

How often:
Twice daily would be our recommendation, or as directed by your practitioner.
This is not an acute formula, it is most effective when used every day over a period of time. 

Organic Activated Reishi ganoderma lucidum (fruiting body + mycelium)
Organic Activated Chaga  innonotus obliquus (fruiting body + mycelium)
Organic Activated Cordyceps cordyceps militaris (fruiting body + mycelium)

2 oz / 57 grams powdered formula in a cobalt glass jar
contains 38 x 1/2 teaspoon (1,500 mg) servings per jar

Know your mushrooms, Know your sources!
All of our medicinal mushrooms are 100% organic and come from a small farm in the Northwest of the U.S. They are NOT radiated (75% of all mushrooms are).
Our mushrooms are all cell wall extracted for excellent bioavailability, and contain fruiting bodies and mycelium.

*Be aware that much of what passes for medicinal mushrooms these days is often not medicine at all. Most mushrooms on the market come from China (which is only ok if you know your source well!). Most are radiated, and many aren't even what they are claimed to be, they're often other mushrooms. On top of that, many are not extracted or processed for bio-availability. Mushrooms need to be cooked, decocted or otherwise activated in some way before they share their beneficial components with our bodies.